McIntosh Lab

Relationship Between Mitochondrial Damage and Endothelial Dysfunction and Subsequent Development of Preeclampsia

Maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality caused by preeclampsia is a significant global health burden with approximately 10 million pregnancies impacted resulting in nearly half a million fetal or neonatal lives lost each year. A novel relationship may exist between mitochondrial damage and endothelial dysfunction and subsequent development of preeclampsia.

Our overall goal is to investigate the mechanism whereby placental hypoxia is responsible for release of ROS and inflammation secondary to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and if there is altered FMD as a result of heightened mtDNA in vessels from placentas in those with preeclampsia.

Dr. McIntosh’s work is supported by a grant from NHLBI.

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McIntosh, Jennifer Jury, DO, MS

Associate Professor
Specialty: Maternal-Fetal Medicine