Our Promise of Action

We are committed to accelerate our journey to become an anti-racist organization as reflected in our listening, our learning, our decisions, our actions, our investments, and our treatment of people and community.

Our Commitment to and Advocacy for Comprehensive Reproductive Healthcare

Spectrum of Services

Learn about the spectrum of services that our department provides for people in our community

The Department of OBGYN together with our institution are actively taking measures to address structural racism and the resulting health inequities. The current disparities in obstetric and other health outcomes among women of color are extremely disturbing. We are committed to improving outcomes and eliminating the healthcare disparities that exist within our community.

We pledge and are working to diversify our workforce while providing the resources and mentorship to ensure success. We are actively developing programs in which learners and employees will thrive in a diverse, equitable, inclusive and safe environment. We expect all who work here to self-reflect, acknowledge and speak out against any bias, discrimination or racism.