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The Medical College of Wisconsin is located on the western edge of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Care by the department faculty is provided at Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
9200 West Wisconsin Avenue
Froedtert Medical College Lab Building (FMCLB) 258
Milwaukee, WI 53226-3522

Administrative Office: (414) 805-6600
FAX: (414) 805-6622
24-Hour Emergency Line: (414) 805-6700

Patient Care Contacts

Adolescent GynecologyPhone
New Patients(414) 607-5280
Children's Hospital Gynecology Clinic(414) 266-2873
After Hours(414) 805-6700
Froedtert Birth CenterPhone
Open 24/7(414) 805-3939
Fetal Concerns Center of WisconsinPhone
Local(414) 337-4776
General Obstetrics & GynecologyPhone
New Patients(414) 805-6644
Froedtert Specialty Clinics(414) 805-4777
After Hours(414) 805-6700
General Obstetrics & Gynecology at Moorland ReservePhone
New Patients(414) 805-3666
Moorland Reserve Health Center(262) 798-7200
After Hours(414) 805-6700
Gynecologic OncologyPhone
New Patients(414) 805-8570
Clinical Cancer Center (CCC) - Courage Clinic(414) 805-6802
After Hours(414) 805-6700
Maternal-Fetal MedicinePhone
Maternal Fetal Care Center (MFCC) Clinic(414) 805-6624
After Hours(414) 805-6700
Reproductive Medicine Clinic (RMC)(262) 253-9220
After Hours(414) 805-6700
New Patients(414) 805-6644
Women's Incontinence and Sexual Health (WISH) Clinic(414) 805-4777
After Hours(414) 805-6700

Academic Contacts

Office of the ChairPhone
Janet S. Rader, MD, Jack A. and Elaine D. Klieger
Professor and Chair
(414) 805-6606
Amanda Booker, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6606
Medical Student ClerkshipPhone
Rahmouna Farez, MD, Co-Clerkship Director(414) 805-7856
Zachary Colvin, DO, Co-Clerkship Director(414) 805-9019
Laura Kopacki, Education Program Coordinator(414) 805-6649
Residency ProgramPhone
Jessica Francis, MD, Program Director(414) 805-6658
Kate Dielentheis, MD, Associate Program Director(414) 805-6658
Kelly Morey, Program Coordinator(414) 805-6658
Michelle Malicki, Program Assistant(414) 805-6638
Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship ProgramPhone
Meredith Cruz, MD, Program Director(414) 805-9019
Michelle Malicki, Program Coordinator(414) 805-6638
Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship ProgramPhone
Denise Uyar, MD, Program Director(414) 805-6606
Michelle Malicki, Program Coordinator(414) 805-6638

Administrative Contacts

Office of the ChairPhone
Janet S. Rader, MD, Jack A. and Elaine D. Klieger
Professor and Chair
(414) 805-6606
Amanda Booker, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6606
Administrative OfficePhone
Jessica Bevan, RN, MHA/ED, Department Administrator (414) 805-6630
Carrie Berg, Financial Analyst(414) 805-6917
Erin Briesath, Project Coordinator(414) 805-6673
Michelle Malicki, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6638
Nicole Mitchell, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6768
Kelly Morey, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6658
Veronica Stahnke, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-7856
Sarah Zablocki, Administrative Assistant(414) 805-6613
Coding and ReimbursementPhone
LaShawn Gross, Coding Specialist(414) 805-5695
Information TechnologyPhone
Cory Malone(414) 805-6631

Research Contacts

Research - AdminPhone
Suki Skandaraja, Research Operations Manager(414) 805-5337
Matt Lasowski, Research Manager(414) 805-8594
Heather Belding, Research Regulatory Specialist(414) 805-6648
Qiana Christian, Research Coordinator(414) 805-4763
Sami Chu, Research Coordinator(414) 805-5654
Mastaneh Irani, Research Coordinator(414) 805-6621
Jo Kessel, RN, Research Nurse(414) 805-1124
Christina Meyer, Research Coordinator(414) 805-6635
Eleanor Saffian, RN, Research Nurse(414) 805-6605
Jacklyn Schmid, RN, Research Nurse(414) 805-6936
Research - Dr. Janet Rader's LabPhone
Janet Rader, MD, Chairman; Jack A. & Elaine D. Klieger Professor(414) 805-6606
Marissa Iden, PhD, Research Scientist(414) 955-7413
Rachel Mutchler, Research Technologist(414) 955-2279
Shirng-Wern (Sharon) Tsaih, ScD, Research Scientist(414) 955-7574
Research - Dr. Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan's LabPhone
Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan, PhD, Assistant Professor(414) 955-2573
Anjali Geethadevi, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2566
Jasmine George, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2443
Deepak Parashar, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2564
Ishaque Pulikkal Kadamberi, Research Associate(414) 955-2443
Research - Dr. Sunila Pradeep's LabPhone
Sunila Pradeep, PhD, Assistant Professor(414) 955-2673
Prachi Gupta, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2468
Sudhir Kumar, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2506
Sonam Mittal, PhD, Postdoc Fellow(414) 955-2469
Research - Dr. Ling Wang's LabPhone
Ling Wang, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor(414) 955-2396