2020 Scholars

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2020 Scholars

Dasari, Akanksha

Akanksha Dasari

Project: “Redcap Database Development”
Mentor: Janet Rader, MD

Alexus Edwards

Project: “HE ACTS​: Health Education to Address Cancer Through Social Media”
Mentors: Kristina Kaljo, PhD and Jessica Olson, PhD

Edward, Alexus
Grellinger, Emma

Emma Grellinger

Project: “Referrals and Appointments by Race and Ethnicity at F&MCW Cancer Genetic Screening Program”
Mentors: Amanda Jacquart MS, CGC and Jennifer Geurts MS, CGC

Liliana Kasta

Project: “Financial Toxicity and its Effects on Cancer Patients in the Milwaukee Area”
Mentor: Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Kasta, Liliana
Padgett, Grace

Grace Padgett

Project: “Exploration of Breast Cancer Survivorship in the Context of Racism and Racial Segregation”
Mentors: Jasmin Griggs, M2; Courtney Jankowski, MPH; Staci Young, PhD; and Kirsten Beyer, PhD, MPH, MS

Jazmine Ramos

Project: “Intersectionality of Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Faculty of Oncology”
Mentor: Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Ramos, Jazmine
Tabit, Nadia

Nadia Tabit

Project: “Social Isolation and Cancer Survivorship”
Mentor: Jamila Kwarteng, PhD

Zach Uttke

Project: “Disparities within Cognitive Function Assessments of Transplant and Cellular Therapy Patients”
Mentor: Dr. Rachel Cusatis and Dr. Kathryn Flynn

Uttke, Zach