2019 Scholars

Aboayge, Sophia-feature

Sophia Aboayage

Project: “The Utilization of Educational Video Games
to Improve Cancer Risk Awareness in Youth”
Mentor: Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Sara Acosta Villarreal

Project: “Evaluation of Referral Patterns to Genetic Counseling Services for Patients with Breast Cancer”
Mentors: Jennifer Geurts MS, CGC and Amanda Jacquart MS, CGC

Acosta Villarreal, Sara-feature
Galloway, Mikayla-feature

MiKayla Galloway

Project: “Accessibility to Care for Patient Families in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology”
Mentor: Jeffrey Knipstein, MD

Danny Jaber

Project: “Addressing the Barriers to Prostate Cancer Screening among African-American Men”
Mentor: Melinda Stolley, PhD and Jermaine Murray

Jaber, Danny-feature
Mbelle, Neema-feature

Neema Mbele

Project: “The Use of Patient Navigation to Boost Low Enrollment Rates of Minorities in Cancer Clinical Trials”
Mentors: Jeffrey Whittle

Maura McDonagh

Project: “A Case for Comic Cookbooks”
Mentor: Amy Rymaszewski, PhD

McDonagh, Maura-featured
ochs, vanessa-feature

Vanessa Ochs

Project: “Perceptions and Barriers to Risk of Skin Cancer among the African American Community”
Mentor: Karolyn Wanat, MD

Joy Orji

Project: “Culture in Medicine Cancer in the Hmong Population”
Mentor: ?????

Orji, joy-feature
Prado, Eveny-feature

Eveny Prado

Project: “Development of Preventative Efforts for Cervical Cancer in Hispanic Women”
Mentor: Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Tamia Williams

Project: “Addressing Health Literacy Disparities: Educating New Cancer Patients at Diagnosis”
Mentor: Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Williams, Tamia-feature