Trigger Point Injections

If physical therapy doesn’t effectively reduce pain, trigger point injections may offer effective pain relief. A mixture of a numbing medication (anesthetic) and an anti-inflammatory (steroid) medication is injected in the tender muscles in the pelvic floor. A total of four injections are given over four weeks.

These injections are given by Medical College of Wisconsin physician Sumana Koduri, MD, a urogynecologist, of the Women’s Incontinence and Sexual Health (WISH) Program at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.

During the procedure, the physical therapist helps guide the physician to the site of the trigger point. Patients may receive mild sedation before receiving the injection.

After each injection, when the muscle is numb, the physical therapist is able provide more intense manipulation of the tender muscle. The anesthetic makes it possible to stretch the sore muscle or group of muscles more without hurting the patient.

In most cases, trigger point injections reduce the pain. The amount of relief obtained from the injections varies from person to person and may last from a few weeks to a few months.