Urogynecologic Robotic Surgery

After childbirth, many women experience problems of vaginal bulging or pressure from the bladder, rectum or uterus falling down. This is also associated with leaking urine. Most surgeries for these conditions are done vaginally (with no incisions on the abdomen). However, one surgery is particularly effective for treatment of the falling uterus (or top of the vagina if the uterus is gone). This surgery is called a sacrocolpopexy. This surgery has been performed for over 40 years but has been done in the past with a long incision on the abdomen. Most of the uterus is removed, leaving only the cervix, and a piece of mesh is attached to the cervix and is secured inside to the surface of the sacrum (back bone of the pelvis). If the uterus is already gone, the mesh is placed to the top of the vagina and secured to the sacrum in a similar manner.

Now this surgery can be done with the assistance of the surgical robot and 5 small incisions on the abdomen. Currently, there is a FDA warning concerning procedures that use vaginally placed mesh (relatively new procedures). While the above procedure does involve the use of mesh (making the surgery more durable), it is NOT what the FDA is warning against and there are many years of experience with above procedure. For more information, schedule to see one of our physicians in the Women’s Incontinence and Sexual Health (WISH) clinic.

Meet the Team

Sumana Koduri, MD

Koduri, Sumana, MD

Associate ProfessorSpecialty: Urogynecology

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Julianne R. Newcomer, MD

Newcomer, Julianne R., MD

Professor; Chief of UrogynecologySpecialty: Urogynecology; General OB/GYN

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