Meet the Urogynecology Team

Meet the Urogynecology Team

When seeking treatment for a pelvic floor disorder or sexual health problem, it is important to receive care from physicians who are specially trained in diagnosing and treating these problems. The Women’s Incontinence and Sexual Health Program brings together experts in treating incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and women’s sexual health issues.

This expert team dedicates its practice to women with gynecologic, urologic and sexual health issues. All team members are highly experienced and work together to provide the best treatment options. The program is led by a team of exceptional Medical College of Wisconsin physicians – urogynecologists, urologists and a women’s sexual health expert and work as a team to provide comprehensive care.

Gynecologists (doctors who specialize in diseases of the female reproductive organs) who also specialize in evaluating and treating disorders of the female urinary tract
Physicians who specialize in female urology, evaluating and treating disorders of the urinary tract
Sexual health expert
A physician who specializes in evaluating and treating women’s sexual health issues

All team physicians are fellowship-trained or sub-specialty trained in their specialty areas. This means they have received additional training in a specialty field beyond their residency training. They will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the physical and/or psychological causes of problems, and create a personal, comprehensive care plan based on each woman’s unique needs. If desired, care will be coordinated with the woman’s primary care or referring physician.

Because some women experience more than one health concern (such as
incontinence and a sexual health issue), team physicians may refer women to other physicians within the program and at Froedtert & the Medical College to ensure all health concerns are addressed.

Our dedicated team of specialists also includes:

  • A program coordinator (registered nurse)
  • A physician assistant
  • A physical therapist
  • A nurse practitioner
  • A psychologist

The nurse coordinator oversees all patient referrals and inquiries and is dedicated to talking to you, evaluating your problem and coordinating care with the program team.


Bomtempo, Camila, MD

Bomtempo, Camila, MD

Assistant ProfessorSpecialty: General OB/GYN

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Sumana Koduri, MD

Koduri, Sumana, MD

Associate ProfessorSpecialty: Urogynecology

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Julianne R. Newcomer, MD

Newcomer, Julianne R., MD

Professor; Chief of UrogynecologySpecialty: Urogynecology; General OB/GYN

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