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Infertility, pregnancy loss, and reproductive treatments have a significant emotional impact on women, couples, and families. There is a strong emotional burden that comes with trying to conceive, in addition to the physical and financial aspects. Individuals and couples are faced with coping with the treatment process, potential losses, and the many decisions that come when trying to create a family. This is not a process one is expected to know how to cope and getting additional support when going through infertility can be very beneficial.

Psychology Services

Dr. Kruper offers individual and couples counseling to promote healthy coping, relationships, and communication throughout infertility, as well as guide the decision-making process for treatment. Additionally, Dr. Kruper conducts third-party reproductive evaluations that is the standard of care for couples seeking use of donor gamete (donor egg, donor sperm, donor embryo) or use of gestational carriers. This evaluation is to support couples in their decision-making and discuss implications of this decision, especially in the future for the intended child.

Kruper, Abbey R., PsyD

Associate Professor

Psychiatry Services

Perinatal Psychiatry, provided in our OBGYN Specialty Clinic at Froedtert Hospital, offers pre-pregnancy consultations as well as ongoing psychiatric medication management for woman actively attempting conception.

Wichman, Christina L., DO

Associate Professor; Director of Women’s Mental Health; Fellowship Director for Psychosomatic Medicine

Current Sessions Offered