Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program

The Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program is offered through the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Reproductive Medicine Center (RMC) at North Hills Health Center. Patients referred to the RMC for recurrent pregnancy loss are offered specialized treatment interventions with the goal of promoting health in mind and body on the road to conception.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any patient with three or more miscarriages. This includes clinical and biochemical pregnancy losses.
  • Patients currently established with the RMC for medical treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss.

All services are billed to the patient’s insurance. The program includes a medical evaluation, nurse education, psychological support and specialized consult services.

Medical Evaluation

  • Patients are scheduled for an initial evaluation with a physician following standard medical care for evaluation and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • The physician will review patient-specific medical risk factors and provide general medical information on recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • Patients also receive information for reputable online resources for self-education on infertility.

Nurse Education

  • Patients meet with a Registered Nurse specializing in infertility for an individualized session.
  • Depending on the patient’s need, the nurse will discuss recommendations regarding exercise, nutrition, substance use, supplements, complementary and alternative medicine practices (CAM), as well as restrictions in early pregnancy.
  • Patients receive written education on health behaviors and infertility.
  • Patients also receive information on community resources for CAM.

Psychological Support

  • Patients are scheduled to meet with a clinical health psychologist specializing in infertility.
  • Following an initial evaluation, between six and eight individual sessions will be offered. Sessions are 45-50 minutes in duration and held every other week.
  • Additional maintenance sessions can be scheduled as needed and visit frequency may increase during the first trimester of subsequent pregnancies.
  • Session topics include grief, health habits, mind-body connection, and other cognitive and behavioral strategics to promote overall health.
  • Patients can schedule optional partner session(s) to address communication, family planning and intimacy.
  • The treatment focus is specific to fertility and family planning. Treatment needs beyond this can be discussed with the provider.
  • If interested in a group therapy format, please discuss this option with the psychologist at your initial visit.

Specialized Consult Services (available when clinically indicated)

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine/Perinatology
  • Perinatal Psychiatry
  • Nutritionist
  • Bariatric Weight Loss Clinic

Additional Information

    • Participation in the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program requires a referral from your 08/GYN or Primary Care provider. Talk to your provider to see if you are a candidate and to request a referral.
    • Not a patient of ours? Call to make an appointment with one of our OB/GYN providers at (414) 805-6644.