Quality in Healthcare

Our mission is to ensure the highest quality of care to each patient. Since 2008, Dr. Timothy Klatt has been directing our efforts to scrutinize all aspects of the care we provide. As Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Dr. Klatt focuses on improving the quality of each patient interaction, from an annual wellness visit to gynecological surgeries to labor and delivery.

He also works tirelessly to design systems that enable us to deliver this care safely.  Several multi-disciplinary teams meet monthly to guide our efforts. All of our improvements focus on providing an optimal experience for the women who entrust us with their health.


We plan to create an enduring culture:

  • Where our primary focus is meeting the needs of all of our patients.
  • Where we continually evaluate and, when necessary, redesign our systems of care delivery to make it ever easier for the patient to safely receive the right care at the right time.
  • Where we continuously search for and realize opportunities for improvement.
  • That provides a workplace where everyone is always treated with dignity and respect by everyone they encounter.


Our health care providers strive to offer the best and safest medical care to our patients. Our generalists are currently tracking six metrics that are show on this page. MCW is a teaching institution, as residents and students are usually highly involved in each patient’s care. With this structure, compared to a community-based hospital without a medical college affiliation, our data is compared to similar institutions. MCW compares many of their measurements to a group of other medical schools throughout the country. These graphs show these medical schools as the “comparison group”.