General Gynecologic Robotic Surgery

General Gynecologic Robotic Surgery

Many gynecologic surgeries have been performed with the use of the laparoscope (minimally invasive with 3-5 small incisions) for many years. These include tubal ligation, treatment of tubal pregnancies, removal of small ovarian cysts, removal of small fibroids (benign tumors on the uterus) and hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) when the uterus is small.

With increasing technology, more and more complex surgeries can be accomplished in the same minimally invasive manner. The introduction of the surgical robot is just another step toward making more complex surgeries possible with only small incisions. Now surgeries for an enlarged uterus (even as large as those up to the patient’s bellybutton) or severe adhesions from many previous surgeries can be performed with the little incisions.

If you have been advised that you need a gynecologic surgery with a large incision on your abdomen, please consider calling us to see if the same surgery can be done with small incisions using the surgical robot.

Meet the Team

Michael R. Lund, MD

Lund, Michael R., MD

Associate Professor; Pillar Director, Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical EducationSpecialty: General OB/GYN

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Raj Narayan, MD

Narayan, Raj, MD

Associate Professor; Director of Continuous Professional DevelopmentSpecialty: General OB/GYN

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Julianne R. Newcomer, MD

Newcomer, Julianne R., MD

Professor; Chief of UrogynecologySpecialty: Urogynecology; General OB/GYN

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