Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy

The Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin’s Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy, located at Froedtert’s Specialty Clinic on the 4th floor, offers all women diagnosed with uterine fibroids a single visit for consultation with a minimally-invasive gynecologist and interventional radiologist.

Our newly established team, made up of Dr. Ben Beran, our department’s minimally-invasive gynecologic surgeon, and Dr. Sarah B. White, an interventional radiologist, offers this center for you to explore more about your condition and receive other treatments. If you are currently diagnosed with fibroids, we offer an easily accessible and thorough evaluation. Whether you want to confirm a treatment plan or want to find out more options, we are there to assist you in planning the next step for your care.

What You Can Expect

By referral from a physician, or directly by patients for first or second opinions, clinic staff will assist patients in securing past medical records including imaging, and to schedule any new imaging procedures, typically the same day as the clinic appointment. During the clinic visit, patients will meet with a minimally-invasive gynecologic surgeon, as well as an interventional radiologist, both of whom have specialty fellowship training (additional years of training after residency). After these individual consults, the team will meet with the patient to review the available options that meet the patient’s goals of therapy. Patients can obtain prescriptions, proceed with scheduling procedures, or leave the visit empowered to make educated decisions about their uterine fibroid management.

Clinic Days:Tuesdays and Wednesdays or others by special request
Location:- 4th floor Froedtert Specialty Clinics
- Telemedicine Visits available upon request

Treatment Options

Meet the Team

Beran, Benjamin, MD
Beran, Benjamin, MD

Assistant Professor; Co-Director, Fibroid Clinic

Specialty: General OB/GYN

More Information & Scheduling
  • Call our clinic at (414) 805-4771 and request an appointment with the Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy.
  • Alternatively, referrals can be faxed to the Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy at (414) 805-4774.