Surgery is a mainstay of cancer treatment. Most patients with gynecologic cancer will undergo some kind of surgery; for many patients, surgical treatment may be all that’s required.

At Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, gynecologic oncologists recommend surgical alternatives based on the patient’s type of cancer and its stage, as well as a woman’s health history and overall health status. Whenever possible, our physicians recommend (and perform) minimally-invasive surgeries to increase patient comfort and decrease healing time.

Hysterectomy, the treatment of choice for endometrial cancer, can be performed laparoscopically with or without the aid of the da Vinci® Surgical System. This physician-controlled robotic technology improves the visual field and increases range of motion, enabling physicians to manipulate surgical tools in ways that would be impossible for the unaided human hand. Our physicians are accustomed to being on the leading edge: Medical College of Wisconsin gynecologic oncologists were the first in the area to perform laparoscopic cancer staging and the first to perform laparoscopic radical hysterectomies.