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In the Gynecologic Cancer Program, women have access to the most current treatments. Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin set the standard in cancer treatment, frequently bringing new therapies to residents of Wisconsin.

Surgical alternatives include open, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted procedures. Chemotherapy is administered intravenously and, when appropriate, using intraperitoneal chemotherapy, a technique that has been proven to increase ovarian cancer survival. Radiation therapy is tailored to the specific cancer and may include external or internal radiation.


Surgery is a mainstay of cancer treatment. Most patients with gynecologic cancer will undergo some kind of surgery; for many patients, surgical treatment may be all that’s required.

At Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, gynecologic oncologists recommend surgical alternatives based on the patient’s type of cancer and its stage,… Read More ›


Not all gynecologic cancer patients will require chemotherapy. But for those who do, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin presents a broad range of treatment options, including standard intravenous chemotherapy, intravenous and intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and novel combinations of drugs offered as part of national clinical trials.

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As an academic medical center, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin treats thousands of patients every year. Because our radiation oncologists have such extensive experience, they are able to offer a wide variety of innovative radiation therapies.

Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin were the first in the region… Read More ›

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