Gopnadhan Nair, Gopakumar, PhD

Gopakumar Gopnadhan Nair

Postdoc Fellow – Dr. Sunila Pradeep’s Lab

(414) 955-2468

Dr. Gopakumar Gopinadhan Nair got his PhD in Biochemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. He joined Dr. Sunila Pradeep’s laboratory in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in December 2017.

Gopakumar is interested in investigating the mechanisms by which microenvironmental factors reprogram the immune system in ovarian cancer. Epigenetic changes in the cancer constitute driver events in tumorigenesis. Our studies will focus on how these epigenetic modification in the tumor microenvironment will enhance the tumor growth due to drug resistance mechanisms. Using biochemical and high-through put genetic analysis, I am uncovering the epigenetic gene networks in Bevacizumab resistant preclinal models of ovarian cancer.


Pradeep Lab

Pradeep Lab

Peritoneal seeding is the most common pathway for the spread of ovarian cancer. Because 90% of ovarian cancers are surface epithelial carcinomas, the…

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