Wang Lab

Tumor brain metastasis predicts the worst prognosis in all tumor patients. My long-term research interests involve the development of a comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms and molecular-based diagnosis and therapy to treat woman cancer brain metastases. The outcome of metastatic process depends on interactions of metastatic cells with the specific organ microenvironment. Currently, I am focused on investigating the role of brain microenvironment in breast cancer brain metastasis, with specific emphasis on the role of astrocyte-secreted factors. Once completed, our strategy is to target astrocyte secreted factors-induced breast tumor cell brain metastatic growth for prevention and treatment of tumors. This approach and research is likely to benefit patients afflicted with other tumors that have propensity to metastasis in general such as gynecological cancers.

Meet Dr. Wang

Ling Wang, PhD

Wang, Ling, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
(414) 955-2218

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