8:15amErika Konkel, R3
“NSAIDS and Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy”
Mentor: Judith Hibbard, MD
8:30amKara Petrashek, R3
“The Effect of Magnesium Sulfate on Neonatal Bowel Function”
Mentor: Cresta Jones, MD
8:45amSarah Krueger, R3
“Delivery with Palliative Care Plans”
Mentor: Erika Peterson, MD
9:15amJessika Ralph, R3
"The Use of the Foley Balloon for Cervical Ripening During Induction of Labor After Cesarean Section"
Mentor: Judith Hibbard, MD
9:30amStephanie Gunderson, R3
“VRK1 and female fertility”
Mentor: Estil Strawn, MD
9:45amMelanie Delaney, R4
“An Evaluation of the Efficacy of LH monitoring in GnRH Antagonist IVF Cycles in Patients with Diminished Ovarian Reserve”
Mentor: Estil Strawn, MD
10:15amLindsay Dickerhoff, R3
“Correlation of BMI to Magnesium in Patients with Preeclampsia”
Mentor: Meredith Cruz, MD
10:30amMarissa Schloesser, R3
“Indomethacin and Elective Cerclage”
Mentor: Judith Hibbard, MD
10:45amDeann Paulson, R4
"Validity of Testing of Antibodies Every Seven Days Among Women With Placenta Previa"
Mentor: Timothy Klatt, MD
11:15amThe Roland S. Cron Lecture:
Elizabeth M Swisher, MD
"Hereditary Ovarian Cancer, an Opportunity to Save Lives"

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