Past Presentations

Each resident is required to generate an idea, formulate a hypothesis and design a protocol for an original research project. The emphasis can be basic science, clinical practice or education relevant to the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Residents choose a faculty mentor to work with on their research project within their four years of Obstetrics and Gynecology residency. The residents then present their findings at the Resident Research and Alumni Day which is held annually.

To support resident research, please visit our Resident Research Fund.

YearResidentFaculty Mentor(s)Title of Research Project
2015Sarah Borders, MDMeredith Cruz, MDMaternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Patients With Thrombophilia on Low Molecular Weight Heparin vs. Aspirin
2015Caitlin Haswell, MDKate Schoyer, MDThe Predictive Value of Anti-Mullerian Hormone for In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Young Women
2015Irene Bozich, MDSeema Menon, MDOutcomes in Teen Pregnancy
2015Ashley Wanless, MDSeema Menon, MDDepo Provera Use in Adolescents: A Weighty Matter
2015Taya Schairer, MDEstil Strawn, MDLuteal Estrogen Patch Priming Protocol Verses Oral Contraceptive Pills and In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Women with Diminished Ovarian Reserve
2015Jason McMaster, MDDenise Uyar, MDImproving Referral Rates to Genetic Counseling and Testing in Patients with Ovarian Cancers”
2015Jessica Zigman, MDJanet Rader, MDExpression of miRNAs from Exosomes and Total Serum in Women with Metastatic and Local Cervical Cancer
2014Cheryl Czapla, MDMary Burke, MDLEEP and the Active Phase of Labo
2014Megan Foeller, MDMeredith Cruz, MDAre Adverse Neonate Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Twin Gestations Decreased Compared with Nondiabetic Twins?
2014Cara Leppellere, MDTimothy Klatt, MDSpecifics Why Pregnant Women Decline Vaccination Against Influenza
2014Jacinda Hunter, MDSuzanne Walczak, MDPerspectives of Specialty Providers on Teratogenic Risk Counseling
2014Shirley Hinshaw, MDWilliam Bradley, MDEndometrial Carcinoma: the effect of surgical technique in the morbidly obese
2014Megan Mietelski, MDEstil Strawn, MDThreshold for Defining Subclinical Hypothyroidism and its Influence on in Vitro Fertilization Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates
2014Caitlin McCarthy, MDEstil Strawn, MDAnti-Mullerian Hormone Levels in Predicting IUI Cycle Success
2014Elizabeth Hopp, MDDenise Uyar, MDLymphedema in Endometrial Cancer
2014Jessica Greenblatt, MDSuzanne Walczak, MDDecision Making and Mode of Pregnancy Termination
2014Benjamin Beran, MDPaul Lemen, MDBehavioral Interviewing
2013Erin Chinnock, MDAllison Ring, MD and Suzanne Walczak, MDPatient Awareness of the Risk of Venous Thromboembolism While on Estrogen Containing Birth Control Methods: A Patient Survey
2013Allison Nelson, MDCresta Jones, MDProvider Knowledge and Counseling Practices on Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing
2013Emily Mathiesen, MDTimothy Klatt, MDOutcomes Following the Targeted Use of Mediolateral Episiotomies
2013Nichole Wiepert, MDPaul Lemen, MDImpact of the 2011 ACGME Duty Hour Standards
2013Elizabeth Thompson, MDSeema Menon, MDTreating Dysmenorrhea: Is There A Better Option?
2013Lily Hahn, MDTimothy Klatt, MDIntra-Observer Variability in the Assessment of Fetal Heart Rate Tracings
2013Tamara Adducci, MDEstil Strawn, Jr., MDDiminished Ovarian Reserve and IVF Pregnancy and Delivery Rates
2013Josh Kapfhamer, MDEstil Strawn, Jr., MDStress as a Predictor of Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Primary Infertility
2013Kristy Kapfhamer, MDTimothy Klatt, MDExamining the True Incidence of Sinusoidal Type Fetal Heart Rate Tracings with Stadol Administration.
2012Deveneau, Nicolette, MDEstil Strawn, MDThe Impact of Sperm Morphology on Intrauterine Insemination Pregnancy Rates
2012Foil, Jason, MDPaul Lemen, MDImpact of Peer-driven Education on CREOG scores
2012Gremp, Jessica, MDCresta Jones, MDProvider Fund of Knowledge Assessment Regarding Opiate Dependence and Treatment in Pregnancy
2012Karre, BrianRaj Narayan, MDRe-discovering the Discriminatory Zone. Quantitative B-hcg and Ultrasound
2012Loichinger, Matt, DORandall S. Kuhlmann, MD and Erika Peterson, MDOutcomes of Neonates with Gastroschisis
2012Vidhi Srivastava, MDEstil Strawn, MDThe Effect of Body Mass Index on In-vitro Fertilization Outcome