8:15amSarah Borders, R3
“Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Patients With Thrombophilia on Low Molecular Weight Heparin vs. Aspirin”
Mentor: Meredith Cruz, MD
8:30amCaitlin Haswell, R3
“The Predictive Value of Anti-Mullerian Hormone for In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Young Women”
Mentor: Kate Schoyer, MD
8:45amIrene Bozich, R4
“Outcomes in Teen Pregnancy”
Mentor: Seema Menon, MD
9:15amAshley Wanless, R4
"Depo Provera Use in Adolescents: A Weighty Matter"
Mentor: Seema Menon, MD
9:30amTaya Schairer, R3
“Luteal Estrogen Patch Priming Protocol Verses Oral Contraceptive Pills and In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Women with Diminished Ovarian Reserve”
Mentor: Estil Strawn, MD
9:45amJason McMaster, R3
“Improving Referral Rates to Genetic Counseling and Testing in Patients with Ovarian Cancers”
Mentor: Denise Uyar, MD
10:00amJessica Zigman, R4
“Expression of miRNAs from Exosomes and Total Serum in Women with Metastatic and Local Cervical Cancer”
Mentor: Janet Rader, MD
10:30amThe Roland S. Cron Lecture:
Ira M Bernstien, MD - "Preeclampsia: Not Just a Disease of Pregnancy"

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