Jack A. and Elaine D. Klieger Resident Award for Resident Research

Jack A. Klieger, MD

Jack A. Klieger, MD

Jack A. Klieger, MD was a Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a distinguished member of the MCW faculty for more than fifty uninterrupted years. The purpose of this fund is to provide a prize that is judged as the best clinical, translational science, and educational research project to be known as the “Jack A. Klieger for Resident Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology” to be awarded annually at our department’s Resident Research and Alumni Day.

YearAward RecipientTitle of Research Project
2017-First Place: Heather Stief, MD
-Second Place: Paige Persch, MD
-Third Place: Kathryn Sarnoski, MD
-Impact of Treated Maternal Hypothyroidism on Neonatal Growth and Outcomes
-Establishing an Evidence Based Cutoff: Basal Follicle Stimulating Hormone Levels of 8 or Greater to Detect Diminished Ovarian Reserve in Young Women
-Improving Physician Compliance with Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Antepartum Patients
2016Stephanie Gunderson, MDVaccinia Related Kinase mRNA Expression in Human Blood and Follicular Fluid Lymphocytes
2015Jessica Zigman, MDExpression of miRNAs from Exosomes and Total Serum in Women with Metastatic and Local Cervical Cancer
2014Megan Foeller, MDAre Adverse Neonate Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Twin Gestations Decreased Compared with Nondiabetic Twins?
2013Emily Mathiesen, MDOutcomes Following the Targeted Use of Mediolateral Episiotomies
2012Matt Loichinger, DOOutcomes of Neonates with Gastroschisis
2011Kelly Hodges, MDInter and Intra Observer Variability in Reading Fetal Heart Rate Tracings Using the 2008 Eunice Shriver Guidelines
2011Anna Palatnik, MDWhat is the Optimal Size of the Leading Follicle in Intra-Uterine Insemination Cycles with Ovulation Induction with Clomiphene Citrate or Letrozole? An analysis of 988 Cycles
2010Raven Koeppler, MD and Annie Leishman-Barb, MDDoes a Resident-Led Simulator Session Improve Pelvic Exam Skills or Satisfaction During the Third Year OB-GYN Clerkship?
2009Dana Akiya, MDThe Impact of a Best Practice Alert on the Rate of Influenza Vaccination in Pregnant Women
2008Andrea Valeri, MDComparison of Outcomes: Elective Induction of Labor vs. Spontaneous Labor at Term
2007Christy South, MDDermatoses in OB/GYN
2006Stephen McAvoy, MDPostoperative Bleeding in Circumcision Using GOMCO Clamp
2005Brianna Benning, MDActive Management of Labor - The Dublin Experience
2004Christine Harmann, MDPre-Emptive Analgesia with C-Section
2003Kim VerSteeg, MDObstetrically Related Pelvic Hematomas
2002Rameet Singh, MDOutcomes of Tension-Free Vaginal Tape under General Anesthesia
2001Jennifer Renaud, MDCorrelating Maternal Hyperglycemia with Neonatal Outcomes
2000Lorree Dyoco, MD; Heather Schoen, MDComparison of Cervical Ripening - A Randomized Trial
1999Michael Lund, MDLow Molecular Weight Heparin in Pregnancy: A Prospective Case Series
1998Ritu Sandhu, MD 
1997Janet Goldman, MD 
1996Paul Lemen, MDIncidence of Gestational Diabetes in Adolescent Pregnancies

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