Meet Our Faculty

Beran, Benjamin, MD

Associate Professor; Co-Director, Fibroid Clinic

Bomtempo, Camila 08292012obgyn-003
Bomtempo, Camila, MD

Assistant Professor

Bosler, Jayme 07302015mcwobgyn-7-Edit
Bosler, Jayme, MD A

ssociate Professor Bradley, William H., MD

Bradley, William 11162011obgyn_155
Bradley, William H., MD

Professor; Director, OBGYN Clinical Research

Chaluvally, Pradeep 05042016obgyn-3-featured
Chaluvally-Raghavan, Pradeep, PhD

Associate Professor; Linda G. and Herbert J. Buchsbaum, MD, Chair in Gynecologic Oncology

Colvin, Zach-8-290x439
Colvin, Zachary, DO

Assistant Professor; Co-Director, Clerkship Program Specialty: Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Cruz, Meredith 09122012obgyn-003
Cruz, Meredith Ordonez, MD

Associate Professor; Director, Maternal Fetal Care Center and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program

Davidson, Emily RW, MD

Assistant Professor; Chief of Urogynecology

Dielentheis, Kathryn, MD

Associate Professor; Director, OBGYN Faculty Development; Associate Director, Residency Program

Farez, Rahmouna 10022013obgyn-005
Farez, Rahmouna, MD

Assistant Professor; Co-Director, Clerkship Program

Fitzgerald, Garrett-08042017OB-23
Fitzgerald, Garrett D., MD

Assistant Professor

Francis, Jessica 07282014obgyn-6
Francis, Jessica, MD

Associate Professor; Residency Program Director

Gecsi, Kimberly-7-featured
Gecsi, Kimberly S., MD

Professor; Vice Chair Clinical Operations

Graettinger, Kristy, MD

Associate Professor

Gunderson, Stephanie-L41A6372
Gunderson, Stephanie, MD

Assistant Professor

Hopp, Elizabeth E., MD

Assistant Professor

Kaljo, Kristina, PhD

Associate Professor; Faculty Pillar Director, Kern Institute

King, Kathy 11162011obgyn_329
King, Kathy A., MD

Associate Professor

Klatt, Tim 11162011obgyn_079
Klatt, Timothy E., MD

Professor; Associate Chief Medical Officer, Patient Safety; Team Lead, Supporting our Staff; Lead, Radiology Safety Net

Kruper, Abbey R., PsyD

Associate Professor

Lemen, Paul 11162011obgyn_055
Lemen, Paul M., MD


Linton, Allie-08042017OB-7-UPDATED
Kruper, Abbey R., PsyD

Assistant Professor

McIntosh, Jennifer 04102015mcw-6
McIntosh, Jennifer Jury, DO, MS

Associate Professor

Narayan, Raj 11162011obgyn_132
Narayan, Raj, MD

Professor; Associate Dean of School of Medicine in Student Affairs

Newcomer, Julianne 11162011obgyn_045
Newcomer, Julianne R., MD


Ojesina, Akinyemi I., MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Palatnik, Anna, MD

Associate Professor; The Patrick J. and Margaret G. McMahon Endowed Chair

Peebles, Jackie - 07062022MCWOBGYN-9-featured
Peebles, Jacqueline, MD

Associate Professor; Department Patient Safety and Quality Officer

Peterson, Erika 11162011obgyn_009
Peterson, Erika L., MD

Professor; Chief of Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Director of Birth Center

Sunila Pradeep 8.30.22
Pradeep, Sunila, PhD

Associate Professor

Rader, Janet S., MD

Chairman; Jack A. & Elaine D. Klieger Professor

Rydze, Robert (Bo), MD, MSCI

Assistant Professor

Schoyer, Kate 11232011obgyn_016
Schoyer, Kate D., MD

Associate Professor; Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Smith, Emily, MD

Assistant Professor

Smith, Jessica-10082019OBGYN-067
Smith, Jessica A., MD

Assistant Professor

Uyar, Denise 11162011obgyn_092
Uyar, Denise S., MD

Professor; Chief of Gynecologic Oncology; Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director