Gynecologic Oncology – Surgical Sub-Internship (M4)

Our rigorous Gynecologic Oncology Course is classified as a surgical sub-internship. Students can expect to gain valuable experience as a participant during surgeries of women with gynecologic malignancies. Students are also able to actively share in the management and decision-making of these patients during their care. In addition to the operative experience this course offers, students will attend scheduled outpatient clinics to learn about the presentation and evaluation of patients with gynecologic malignancies as well as the longitudinal care of women with gynecologic malignancies. They will work closely alongside the gynecologic oncology team of residents, nurse practitioners, nurses and attendings during the sub-internship.

Students will attend the weekly Gynecologic Tumor Board Conference. This multidisciplinary conference is attended by the gynecologic oncology team, members of diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, and clinical pathology. Students will participate in Journal Club presentations which are scheduled once during the rotation. In addition to the gynecologic oncology specific responsibilities, every Wednesday the student is invited to attend OBGYN M&M conference.

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  • Learn symptoms, presentation and diagnosis of gynecologic malignancies.
  • Improve pelvic exam skills, history taking skills and patient presentation skills.
  • Learn about the treatment and outcomes of patients with gynecologic malignancies.
  • Improve basic surgical skills and enhance knowledge of surgical anatomy of the female pelvis by observing and participating in pelvic surgery of gynecologic malignancies.
  • Learn the indications and principles of radiation and chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies
  • Learn post-operative, outpatient and inpatient management of patients with gynecologic malignancies.
  • Perform a presentation on a focused topic to the gynecology oncology team during the rotation.
  • Function as an integral part of the gynecology oncology team during their rotation.
  • Attend weekly Tumor Board Conference.
  • Attend Journal Club when scheduled.

Course Director

Uyar, Denise S., MD

Uyar, Denise S., MD

Associate Professor; Chief of Gynecologic Oncology; Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director

Additional Information

  • Time off policies: Please send all time off requests to the clerkship coordinator.
  • There is no night call associated with this course. Regular hours are Monday – Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm with rounding on the weekends (you will usually have two weekends off completely). Please discuss your specific schedule with the course director or coordinator.
  • First Day: Please page the resident on service prior to the first day of your rotation with us to determine a time to meet them. The first day is considered to be the first day of the month. Unless the first day of the month is a holiday, in which case the next business day is considered to the first day. Please contact us with specific questions.

Course Contacts

cbKelly Winum
Education Program Coordinator
414.805.7856 / Email

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