Clinical Skills Workshops

Abdominal Anatomy

Junior medical students participate in a workshop designed to review the anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis that is relevant to obstetrics & gynecology. It is an interactive hands-on building activity using craft materials. The anatomy textbooks are used as a reference and the relevant anatomy is built in a way to replicate the laparoscopic view of the pelvis. This gives them a head start on the surgical anatomy, to allow for a better experience on their junior ob/gyn clerkship.

NOELLE® Simulator

Students participate in the STAR (Standardized Teaching Assessment Resource) Center to work with NOELLE®, our obstetric simulator. It teaches students the basic “maneuvers” of delivering a baby. It also simulates complications such as postpartum bleeding, shoulder dystocia, and prolonged labor. They learn how to interpret fetal heart tone monitoring to ensure that the fetus is receiving enough oxygen in utero.

The students also use the STAR Center to take their OSCE (objective structured clinical exam). During this 2-hour experience, which counts for 10% of their OBGYN grade, they encounter several patients, ask questions about the patients’ concerns, perform a physical examination, and discuss their findings with the patient. They also write a note which is graded to assess their written communication skills. This has become a very good way to objectively assess bedside manner and other subtle skills with the input of the standardized patients. This experience has been highly rated by our medical students.