Jack A. Klieger, MD Senior Award

Jack A. Klieger, MD

Jack A. Klieger, MD

Jack A. Klieger, MD was a Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a distinguished member of the MCW Faculty for more than fifty uninterrupted years. Established by the late Dr. and Mrs. Klieger, this award is given to a senior student who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Obstetrics and Gynecology, has demonstrated superior proficiency in this discipline.

YearAward Recipient(s)More Information
2018Brittany Klooster
2017Ashley VerhasseltOB/GYN Resident Class of 2021
2016Heather Hyland
2015Rachael Gentile
2014Kaitlin Seeger
2013Omar Sinno
2012Jeff Nance
2011Benjamin Dorton
2010Erica C. Hofland
2009Kristy A. KapfhamerOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2013
2008Jessica L. Lambert
2007Hillary A. Kufahl; Johnny Yi
2006Megan L. McGowan
2005Brent D. Dumermuth
2004Deanna G. Teoh
2003Brian R. StafeilOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2007
2002Mia T. CowanOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2006
2001Curtis E. PageOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2005
2000Jeffrey T. Arrington
1999Michael F. Erickson
1998Janet A. Droessler
1997Lisa Van Ert
1996Kelly Robinson
1995Frederick Westreich
1994Christine Schlies
1993Karen Hamilton
1992Karen Selignmann

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