John J. Brennan Student Award

Dr. John J. and Joan M. Brennan

Dr. John J. and Joan M. Brennan

The Dr. John and Joan M. Brennan Endowed Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology is presented to a fourth-year medical student who has demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in medical school and is planning to pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. The award is given by Anna D. and Michael J. Brennan, MD, in honor of his parents.

YearAward Recipient(s)More Information
2018Morgan Briggs, MDOB/GYN Resident Class of 2022
2017Theresa Piquette OB/GYN Resident Class of 2021
2016Hillary McLaren
2015Rachael PersonsOB/GYN Resident Class of 2019
2014Amanda Ernst
2013Stephanie GundersonOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2017
2012Elizabeth HoppOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2016
2011Jessica ZigmanOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2015
2010Sarah L. Juza
2009Joshua D. KapfhamerOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2013
2008Lauren C. Lessard
2007Melissa N. Holtz; Julie M. Pawasarat
2006Raven A. KoepplerOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2010
2005Suzanne N. WalczakPrevious OB/GYN Faculty Physician
2004Susan L. Goldsmith
2003Amy M. TamburrinoOB/GYN Resident Alumni Class of 2007
2002YukMei R. Lam
2001Trevor J. MillerPrevious OB/GYN Faculty Physician
2000Carlos J. Rodriguez

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