2017 News from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital Campus

2017 News from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital Campus

As we look back on another successful academic year, there is so much to be proud of here at MCW. First and foremost, we say goodbye to another phenomenal group of residents who have certainly left their mark on this department. Two of our graduates are pursuing fellowships, while the remainder will enter practice. We have no doubt they will represent MCW well and continue to reinforce the great reputation we have established for training excellent physicians. The incoming class of 2021 is integrating nicely into the program and the class of 2018 has stepped up to fill the shoes of those before them.

Our department continues to grow, as we welcome back Dr. Anna Palatnik to our MFM division, who returns to us after completing a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Northwestern after completing her residency here at MCW. Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald started in August and came to us after completing his fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at University of Maryland Medical Center.

We sadly bid farewell to Dr. Judith Hibbard, who left quite a research legacy and will be remembered fondly for her impact on the resident research program. We hope she is thoroughly enjoying her retirement.

Our generalist division is thrilled to welcome back Dr. Kate Dielentheis to our generalist division. She was a student at MCW and trained at Northwestern before coming home to MCW. Dr. Amy Domeyer-Klenske started last September and came to us from Maine Medical Center where she completed her residency. We also welcome back Dr. Benjamin Beran, who returns to us after completing a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery after completing medical school and residency here at MCW. Last but certainly not least, we welcome Dr. Allison Linton, who comes to us from Northwestern. She is fellowship trained in Family Planning and we will all benefit greatly from her training.

Both women’s health nurse practitioners, Sarah Mess and Carissa Aboubakare, have joined our team. Carissa will be seeing patients in both our UroGyn/WISH and generalist clinic and Sarah will be seeing patients at our Moorland Reserve generalist clinic.

Certified Physician Assistant, Kendra Konitzer, joined our GynOnc team in January.

Our research division continues to grow as we welcome Sunila Pradeep, PhD. She is an assistant professor whose research focuses on identifying the immune populations in ovarian cancer.

As with every year, we have so much to look forward to in the 2017 -2018 academic year and we anticipate continued success.

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