2015 News from the Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus

2015 News from the Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus

At St. Joe’s we are blessed to have a great staff of nurses in L&D, antepartum, Family Birth Center, and the Women’s Outpatient Center. During our residency we have a close working relationship with the nursing staff. We have cared for patients together. We have shared joys and sorrows together. They have helped mold us into the clinicians that we are. We have learned much from them and owe them much.

This past year at St. Joseph Hospital has seen several retirements from experienced nursing staff. These ladies have collectively 363 years of nursing experience. We thank them for their hard work and dedication over the past many years.


    • Jo Weber (44 years)
    • Linda Dostalek (41 years)
    • Gail Peckman (40 years)
    • Deb Pukansky (40 years)
    • Mary Weber (38 years)
    • Kathy Steinbach (26 years)
    • Sandy Wolf (27 years)
    • Bonnie Marcus (27 years)

Family Birth Center

      • Linda Otto (27 years)

Women’s Care Center (Antepartum)

        • Sue Rauscher (39 years)

Women’s Outpatient Center

          • Veronica Neuwirth (14 years)

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