2015 News from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital Campus

2015 News from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital Campus

As we look back on another successful academic year, there is so much to be proud of here at MCW. First and foremost, we say goodbye to another phenomenal group of residents who have certainly left their mark on this department. They will be moving far and wide, from Los Angeles to Miami. Two of our graduates are pursuing fellowship, while the remainder will enter practice. We have no doubt they will represent MCW well and continue to reinforce the great reputation we have established for training excellent physicians. While we are certainly sad to see them go, we are thrilled to welcome the incoming class of 2019.

The residency also welcomes Kelly Morey back into the role of Administrator for the program. Alumni of the program know how well she served in this role in the past. Her addition is a tremendous boost to the program.

Our department continues to evolve, as we welcome Dr. Jennifer McIntosh to our MFM division. She completed her fellowship at the University of Oklahoma. We also say goodbye to Dr. Randall Kuhlmann and will certainly miss him after many years of service dedicated to this program.

Our research division continues to expand under the direction of Dr. Hibbard, and the excellent quality of work is reflected in the fact that several residents presented their research at national conferences this year. This continues to be a priority and area of growth in our department.

As this year comes to a close, we reflect on our achievements and embrace all that the coming year has to offer.

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