2015 News from the Columbia St. Mary’s – Milwaukee Campus

2015 Faculty & Residents - Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital

2015 News from the Columbia St. Mary’s – Milwaukee Campus

Dr. Nicolette Deveneau, resident graduate class of 2012, is finishing her urogynecology fellowship in Louisville, Kentucky and is coming back to join our team August 17, 2015. We are very excited to have her join the subspecialty team.

Faculty updates

Dr. Burstein retired from clinical practice. He is continuing his quality improvement work.

Dr. Earle will be leaving CSM July 2015 to become a laborist in Washington.

Dr. Allison Ring just had a baby girl named Annalise on May 30. This makes 5 under 5!

We have a new CEO, Travis Andersen. He started at CSM August 4th, 2014. His energy, enthusiasm, and vision have brought a new life to CSM. He is very committed to women’s health and has approved a 3 phase extension renovation project for the Women’s Hospital. The first phase of the renovation will be the post partum unit converting the rooms to new family suites. This will be followed by front entrance and L&D renovations. It’s an exciting time for women’s health at CSM.

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