Heart Disease in Women: The Word on Medicine

Heart Disease in Women: The Word on Medicine

The Word on Medicine: the conversation dedicated to examining medical innovation and discovery in Southeastern Wisconsin. It features faculty and research teams of the Medical College of Wisconsin, sharing cutting edge new knowledge and discoveries.

This show is devoted to Heart Disease in Women in honor of National Women’s Health Week, brought to you by an incredibly talented group of cardiologists from the Department of Medicine at MCW. We discuss the unique risk

factors for heart disease in women, the importance of family history, diet and much much more. Our panel of experts is incredible – Drs. Jacquelyn Kulinksi, Aimee Welsh, Nicole Lohr and Stacy Gardiner (cardiology), Jennifer McIntosh (Maternal Fetal Medicine), pharmacist Erin Wilkes and the manager of cardiac rehab Rachel Kenitz along with a couple of amazing patient stories. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in women – this program will tell you what can be done to lessen the risk, the often subtle symptoms that can occur in women and of course, diagnosis and treatment at the best medical center in this country!

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