Dr. Timothy Klatt honored with 2020 Smallwood Award for Clinical Excellence

Dr. Timothy Klatt honored with 2020 Smallwood Award for Clinical Excellence

“A commitment to Safety. A habit of Collaboration. A practice of Humility. A track record of Excellence.”

These words characterize Dr. Timothy Klatt, who was chosen by the Medical Executive Committee for the 2020 Smallwood Award due to his tireless work on advancing patient safety within the institution.

A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Klatt trained at UPenn for Medical School and the University of Cincinnati for postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He joined MCW faculty in 2004. Once here, Dr. Klatt developed an interest in patient safety and quality. In his mission statement he says, “I strive to create an enduring culture within each area where I have administrative responsibility, working collaboratively and relentlessly to provide care of the highest quality and maximum safety”. He demonstrates this commitment daily with exemplary performance.

Congratulations, Dr. Klatt!

Each year the Froedtert Hospital Board of Directors recognizes a faculty member with the Thomas L. Smallwood Award. Nominations are submitted by faculty, advanced practice providers, resident staff, hospital leaders and hospital staff. Nominations from both the medical staff and hospital staff of Froedtert Hospital are welcome and encouraged. The nominator should be available to the Medical Executive Committee if further documentation is required.

The Thomas L. Smallwood Award for Clinical Excellence is presented to a faculty member at Froedtert Hospital in recognition of her/his outstanding contributions to the care of patients. This award recognizes an individual who, through the following methods, leads state-of-the-art clinical programs that deliver world class service and world class care to the patients of our institution:

  • Unique expertise that provides unique programs to the citizens of Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Scientific inquiry – through the efforts of this individual or programs or individuals new sciences have been developed that can be shown to directly impact the care of patients at Froedtert Hospital.
  • Through the development of a multidisciplinary clinical care program that has set apart these individuals through the quality of the care that they provide.
  • Through superior clinical outcomes as measured against national benchmarks that show that the care delivered by this individual or these individuals exceed(s) national benchmarks and represents a superior level of care.

Thomas L. Smallwood, respected attorney and passionate advocate for the patients of Froedtert Hospital, was Chairman of the Board of Froedtert Hospital from 1985 – 2001. In recognition of his inspirational role at Froedtert Hospital – this award acknowledges Mr. Smallwood’s unwavering commitment to excellence.