Below the Belt: an Endometriosis Movie Screening and Panelist Discussion Event

Below the Belt: an Endometriosis Movie Screening and Panelist Discussion Event

March 11, 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Oriental Theatre
2230 N Farwell Ave
WI 53202
Lauren Kotowski
(414) 805-0120


Below the Belt is a movie that shows personal & inspiring stories of four patients urgently searching for answers to mysterious symptoms. It exposes widespread problems in our healthcare systems that disproportionately affect women, and especially women of color who are less likely to be believed, diagnosed & effectively treated for menstrual health issues.

Through the lens of endometriosis, a disease that affects 1 in 9 women/people, the film shows how women are often dismissed, discounted & disbelieved. From societal taboos and gender bias to misinformed doctors and profit-driven healthcare, the film reveals how millions are effectively silenced and how, by fighting back, they can improve healthcare for everyone.

Please join us for this free and personal viewing with a discussion and Q&A session with some of our experts. Please keep in mind this viewing is for ages 14+.

Our expert panelists:

Ben Beran, MD
Assistant Professor; Co-Director, Fibroid Clinic: Alternative to Hysterectomies

Camila Bomtempo, MD
Assistant Professor – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Carrie Peterson, MD
Associate Professor – Colorectal Surgery

Morgan Briggs, MD
Assistant Professor – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Emorie Harty
Patient to share story

Emily Vanderhoef
Patient to share story

Brendalyn Ghazaly
Patient to share story


  • 3:00pm – Welcome and Introductions
  • 3:10pm – Movie Viewing
  • 4:05pm – Panelist Discussion and Q&As
  • 5:00pm – Conclusion


You can make a difference by supporting cutting-edge endometriosis research and widespread disease recognition and awareness:

· Call Meg Bilicki at (414) 955-4711 or

Our expert panelists include:

Ben Beran, MD (obstetrician, gynecologist and co-director of our Fibroid Clinic), Camila Bomtempo, MD (obstetrician & gynecologist), Carrie Peterson, MD (a colorectal surgeon at MCW), and 2 patients willing to share their story – Emorie Harty and Emily Vanderhoef!