Uterine Fibroids: The Word on Medicine

July 8, 2019  |  Department News, MCW News

Drs. Alexandra Fairchild, Benjamin Beran and Aaron Staley with one of their fibroid patients

The Word on Medicine: the conversation dedicated to examining medical innovation and discovery in Southeastern Wisconsin. It features faculty and research teams of the Medical College of Wisconsin, sharing cutting edge new knowledge and discoveries.

In alignment with July’s Fibroid Awareness Month, this podcast focuses on explaining what uterine fibroids are, what symptoms are presented with them, how they are diagnosed, and then how our new Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy can help!

If you are currently diagnosed with fibroids, we offer an easily accessible and thorough evaluation. Whether you want to confirm a treatment plan or want to find out more options, we are there to assist you in planning the next step for your care.

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Learn more about our Fibroid Clinic: Alternatives to Hysterectomy

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