Patient Testimonials

I have given birth at West Allis Memorial & St. Francis, my experience at Froedtert was the best I have had. I would give birth at Froedtert again.

While nothing about my daughter’s birth went as planned, the care provided was exceptional. I couldn’t have been any happier!

I drive approximately 45 minutes to Froedtert Hospital to have my children rather than going to the hospital 10 minutes from my home because I know that no matter what unexpected events may come up during my delivery and care that Froedtert is the best place to handle it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my children.

Very good communication. Dr. Dielentheis Explained everything, made me very comfortable.

I was extremely impressed with the nurses and doctors on both the labor and delivery and mother baby units at Froedtert. My family and I were treated with respect and kindness the entire time we were there. They took great care of my baby and me!

Everyone was really attentive to my response to it. Wonderful STAFF!!!

VIP – red carpet experience. Best it could have been given the reason for the procedure (miscarriage).

Everyone was excellent – impressed that all trainees (nursing & medical student & residents) introduced themselves in pre-op.

I love the way I was treated the staff did everything I asked to make me comfortable.

Very friendly. Made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Francis has a terrific approach to care. She exudes an aura of compassion and care yet demonstrates a confident expertise when answering questions or explaining a course of care. She uses appropriate terms in a way that is understandable to her patients.

I’m glad to drive 45 miles to get the care I need. After surgery I feel confident that I will feel better than I have in a long time.

I came on a referral and was truly scared. The entire staff made me feel that I was in the best hands, Dr. Koduri was wonderful and I was totally comfortable with her within 2 minutes. Outstanding staff.

Dr. Koduri was very attentive to my needs and I felt she truly cared about the pain I was in.

I love the respect and dignity. It is unlike other medical centers I’ve been to. It is exceptional!!

I love Dr. Koduri and her staff, residents etc. The BEST care I’ve received anywhere. I recommend her to others.

I have no complaints and staff was accommodating in what I needed. Dr Koduri I like very much…I feel very good Doctor.

Have had quite a bit of contact with the nursing staff in WISH to properly learn to select and use the appropriate medicines, etc. Wonderful staff; always pleasant and helpful!

This time there was almost an hour wait; but understandable as Dr. Koduri had an emergency. The staff apologized and kept me informed as to the status. I simply did not mind waiting as Dr. Koduri is the BEST!!! And when she came, the biopsy went very well. My motto–don’t worry until you have to; but do what must be done for excellent health.

I feel that Dr. Koduri is excellent with the training that I need just now as an obstetrician, urologist and internal medicine credentials. I demand the best, especially as a 26 year cancer survivor, and the entire staff honors that expectation. Faced with some challenge just now, I feel secure in their care. Always I want the emphasis on a team approach.

Dr. Koduri is very compassionate. She is a good listener.

Dr. Koduri is an amazing caring Dr. She has brought me back to an active healthy life style.

I won’t see anyone else for my gender transition. I trust Dr. Francis. She genuinely cares. That’s rare these days.

I always wait a bit longer but don’t mind. Dr. Francis is amazing. She’s worth the wait. It’s nice to have a doctor care so much