Patient Testimonials

She was very kind and made me feel welcome.

Great experience. I waited only 5 min in waiting room & out if there with 45 min. So efficient and excellent experience. First time not waiting for a doctor less than an hour from appt time. Very well run Operations. Impressive.

I appreciated how Dr. Beran listened to concerns, showed compassion and addressed the seriousness of my disease which most providers in the past had not.

My experience with the medical college of Wisconsin is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had with any doctor regarding my chronic illness. Dr. Beran is absolutely hands down the best doctor I’ve ever had. He listens to me very attentively and doesn’t think I’m faking any of my symptoms or pain. I will continue to see Dr. Beran for my needs and hopefully one day, his time in surgery, labs, and ultrasounds will pay off and I can have a chance at a family myself and he can deliver my baby! I will not see anyone else.

My experience with Dr. Beran was the best I have ever had with an OB/GYN. He listened earnestly to my concerns and made me feel heard. I never felt rushed during our appointments. He clearly communicated what he thought the best course of action was for my endometriosis, and made the decision-making process a collaborative one. Additionally, he was able to refer me to accurate sources of information online and provide me with other incredibly helpful resources. I feel that I received truly high-quality care from Dr. Beran.

I am a patient referred by my OB/GYN provider at the VA. I was impressed with how I didn’t feel rushed during this appointment with Dr. Beran. He listened to my concerns and he made sure I understood his approach to the surgical procedure I need.

Julia and her entire team are some of the most helpful medical staff/ professionals I’ve come across. I am so glad I switched my medical care to Froedtert :)

The team at the MFCC has a special job, that certainly entails some serious stress on occasion! The team I saw (like everyone I have seen there throughout my pregnancy) was calm, courteous, enthusiastic, caring and thoughtful. Although she probably sees lots of babies in utero all day long, Rene was still caring and sweet in the way she talked about my baby and that just made me smile. Dr. Smith was also thoughtful in sharing the projected size of my baby at 40 weeks, even recommending we could probably use some newborn diapers at first if baby is the size the growth chart indicates it will be. That was actually helpful to this first time mom!

I had gone in for an ultrasound for my baby, and unfortunately we found that the baby had no heartbeat. Both the sonographer and the doctor were so compassionate. Compassion in situations like these means everything, and for them to be able to give so much love was truly a blessing. Thank you for making a horrible afternoon a little bit better with the love I received. It meant the world to my husband and me.

The cleanliness of the facility and friendliness of the staff made for a great experience. everything was explained well and the doctors were very caring about my fear of needles. overall great experience! thank you!!

The staff was awesome – Dr. Johnson, Rachel and Anna were all very helpful and extremely patient with all my questions.

Dr Bishop has demonstrated great care and compassion to me and my husband during a difficult diagnoses. When we are talking, I know that she is totally focused on me and is assured that I am understanding and not rushing me on. She is an excellent communicator. I am totally grateful that she is my doctor for my cancer diagnosis. I know that I am in the best place possible.

Dr. Denise Uyar was just wonderful!

Dr. Denise Uyar is a gentle caring intelligent person. I am grateful for having her care for my needs.

Dr. Uyar is one of the most caring person/doctor that I know. I was truly blessed when I had her and her team assigned to me when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Dr. Rader is a very attentive listener and provides adequate time for thorough communication between patient and staff. She is top notch in her attention to detail and concern for the patient as well as finding the best treatment for each individual. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Newcomer is a caring and thorough physician. I know I am in good hands

Dr. Menon listens so well and makes me feel well cared for when I have an concerns about my wellbeing. I feel very privileged to have her as a provider!

Dr. Menon was as always, patient and kind. She makes you feel comfortable to discuss any issue you may have. Always informative. I’ve recommended her often.

Dr. Lund is a gem. He was clearly thorough in preparing for my appointment and devised a plan of care considerate of my needs.

Great care and very direct advice from receptionists to nurses to Dr. Lund, which I appreciate. It makes me sad that I may be done having children.

Dr. Lund is an absolutely phenomenal provider. I truly enjoy every appt.

Dr. Lemen always listens to my questions and concerns. He gives excellent advice and gives instructions in a way that is easy to understand. He is not judgmental. He is respectful. I feel comfortable discussing all of my health issues with him.

10! This provider is top notch! Dr. Klatt is respectful, listens and is responsive. With the issues he is helping me with, I really like MyChart and he is very good and getting back to me in a timely fashion.