Patient Testimonials

My entire experience from initial consultation, all the preop tests and procedures, etc., the surgery day, and aftercare appointment, were very good. Very happy with the surgical result.

Outstanding care from Dr. Emily Davidson and her resident physician. My first time seeing Dr. Davidson and I was very impressed and well cared for.

Talking with Dr. Davidson feels like talking to my sister or best friend! She takes time to actually listen and always asks for my opinion about my treatment options. Dr. Davidson is amazing!

Dr. Davidson is excellent. She listens to you!

Dr. Schoyer was very professional, knowledgeable, and treated me with great respect. I would recommend her 10 times out of 10.

I know I can depend on Dr. Rader and the team for whatever I need or am concerned about.

Dr. Rader is excellent in every aspect. I drive from Oconto to Milwaukee to be under her care because she is the best!

Dr. Davidson was extremely interested and showed genuine concern as I shared my specific medical issue. Dr. Davidson was very gentle and I felt very “special”. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

Dr. Davidson is an amazing doctor! Highly professional and skilled. She explained complicated things in a way that was easy for me to understand. I never felt rushed. I was very anxious about surgery because I’m also a cancer patient. She consulted with my oncologist to come up with the best plan for me concerning chemo treatments and my surgery. She also has an amazing bedside manner; like none I’ve ever seen before! She held my hand in the OR while I was being prepped for surgery. It was a small thing but was very comforting for me. I have back issues so she made sure I was comfortable on the operating table. I highly recommend her and already have. I should also say that I’ve had lots of pelvic exams over the years but never one as gentle as Dr. Davidson’s. She’s an outstanding doctor and surgeon. I just can’t say enough good things about her and her doctor patient interactions. I’m doing well after surgery and I am so glad I
found Dr. Davidson!

Many doctors don’t stay “up to date” on the latest studies and medical information. It was clear that Dr Newcomer does and I value that. I also could tell that she genuinely was interested in
helping me with my problem. She was very patient with me. I know that I took up too much of her time, but she never acted annoyed and she never rushed me. I was nervous and embarrassed
about my condition, and I talked/babbled too much as a result, but she was so relatable that she helped me to relax. She was one of the best doctors I’ve ever interacted with. She was
extremely knowledgeable and had an excellent bedside manner. That is an extremely rare combination to find in a physician.

Dr. Newcomer is wonderful. She put me at ease and made me feel comfortable while discussing an uncomfortable and sensitive issue.

Knowledgeable and thorough. She was receptive to working with an outside specialist. She made it a priority to reference my medical records and ask me questions to provide me an
appropriate treatment plan. I am so fortunate to have her managing this aspect of my care.

Dr. Bosler was amazing and very informative.

Dr. Davidson was the best! She knew I was very anxious about the procedure, so she very carefully re-explained the procedure and when I got to the OR, she sat by me and talked to me until I fell asleep. There was also an OR nurse named Nicole that was incredible! She came to get my hair up in the cap you wear to the OR and tell me they’d be coming to get me soon. She caught me crying and was seriously an absolute ray of sunshine! She listened to me, held my hand, and supported me. I felt so much better after she spent a few minutes with me. I think you would have to try really hard to stay sad or scared around her. She is amazing!

He was very attentive and took his time with me to make sure any questions I had were answered.

Dr. Menon is wonderful! Couldn’t ask for a more compassionate, knowledgeable and personable provider. I’ve been so pleased with the care I’ve received.

Dr Lund and his nurse were fantastic and very thorough. I am a new patient to Froedtert and so far my care has been far superior to Aurora where I previously was a patient. I would definitely recommend Froedtert and Dr Lund to anyone I know.

I have been seeing Dr. Lund for many years and he is absolutely wonderful.

I love his warm and caring bedside manner and he puts you at ease.

Dr Klatt is by far the best OB/ GYN doctor I’ve ever had for many reasons. He deserves a 10 for his service, knowledge, follow through, sensitivity to my overall health condition, willingness to partner with all of my providers for the coordination of my care. I am extremely grateful to have him as a provider. He is very important to my overall health and well-being.

Lori is very thoughtful, capable, thorough and attentive-an extremely good listener and very responsive to my concerns.

Lori Hagar is amazing. I look forward to my gynocologist appointments just because I get to see her. I’ve referred her to every woman I know.

Dr. Farez and her staff are always very helpful and professional.

Dr. Farez took her time, was very caring, and answered all of my questions.