Faculty Mentoring Program

The Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Mentoring Program aims to guide faculty in achieving their full potential in an area of expertise, to assist in the creation and implementation of personalized career development plans, and to support in progress towards promotion. The program’s success is dependent upon the participants embracing and committing to the process.

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee is a group of senior faculty who, during their three-year term, are responsible for the oversight of the mentoring program, assignment of the mentoring partnerships, review of the mentees’ progress, tracking of potential promotion candidates, review of the mentees’ promotional packets, and yearly evaluation of the program. The Mentoring Committee will closely manage the mentor / mentee pairings to ensure a successful partnership.

Purpose of the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

The purpose of the mentor / mentee relationship is to grow the members of our department academically and professionally. Our mentors are senior faculty within the department who have shared a desire to help grow our junior faculty. As an academic institution, our goal is to encourage and foster a culture of learning, research, and other academic endeavors. Our Mentoring Program is a great way to promote this culture and help our junior faculty achieve their academic goals and ultimately their promotion within the department.

Role of the Mentor

A mentor may play several roles over the course of the mentoring relationship, including: coach/advisor, support, resource, champion, and role model. The mentor is available to give advice, challenge the mentee to think through important decisions or strategies, and provide feedback. They may need to act as a sounding board for concerns or ideas and provide insights to possible opportunities. The professional network that the mentor has developed over the years will be a great resource to the mentee. The mentor will be an advocate for the mentee and seek out opportunities for the mentee to grow.

Role of the Mentee

A mentee is under the guidance of a mentor, who shares career advancement, personal growth or skill development advice. The mentee seeks to learn from the mentor’s knowledge and how to apply that knowledge for their professional development. The mentee must maintain an active role in the process to be successful.

As a faculty member in this department you will be given all of the necessary tools to be successful. We hope that our Mentoring Program excites the academic inside of you and encourages you to join our successful team.